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Beginning in 1947, Rosy and Marie Carita, the first female hairdressers of France, were all the rage in Paris for their creative spirit in beauty and fashion. The sisters created Jean Sebergís boyish crop, Brigitte Bardotís ponytail, Catherine Deneuveís signature blond color, and Mireille Mathieuís bowl cut, as well as a revolutionary skincare treatment in the 1960ís. Carita has been known to attract the likes of Madonna, Palomo Picasso and Isabella Adjani.

In the philosophy of Rosy and Marie Carita, aging skin can be effectively treated in three steps: cleansing, correcting, and protecting. Their Progressif skincare line is formulated with the newest anti-aging products. By combining unique natural products such as soy, sugar complexes, wheat, and marine extracts, Progressif works to protect and enrich your skinís collagen fibers, resulting in a more radiant appearance.

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